Dive Packages

Surface Water Experiences


This program provides for activities on the surface of the water throughout the trip (the ocean or a lake).

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Shallow Reef Dives


For certified or non-certified divers! Venture out into the deep blue waters and see all the great marine life.

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Deep Water Wreck


Become a treasure hunter and dive into the blue to discover mysterious shipwrecks and take amazing photos!

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Evening Tours


Evening tours showcase the beautiful nature and include romantic dinners on a yacht or a boat.

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What Our Customers Say

Finding you guys was a stroke of luck for me. The job was completed in a timely manner. They didn’t postpone anything unnecessarily. The structural details are superb. I absolutely like how my tennis court turned out. You have an excellent squad that is well trained in the construction of the sports infrastructure.

Rishabh Giria

Blue Ivy is in charge of our resort’s swimming pool. This is a facility aimed at global and business clients. They created a wonderful swimming pool, and an essential characteristic of this pool is that it is simple and requires minimal upkeep. In addition, it has been operating smoothly for the past two years.

Vivek Karan

After a quick Google search, I came across a company called Blue Ivy, and I must say that I am really pleased with the results. They were extremely swift and efficient, and they completed the entire project in a timely manner. My family also appreciated the swimming pool that they created. My children are overjoyed.

Dr. Rama Rao